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Midtown Social

Midtown Social, University project

Digital Design, Social Media Design, Advertising Research and Strategy

Marketing & Sales Analyst—Jose Marti
Strategist—Kalee Hearing
Media & Account Specialist—Jessica Morey
Creative Director—Adrienne Johnson
Research Analyst—Matt Schiller

Midtown Social, a new restaurant and bar opening in Gainesville will be located across the University of Florida campus in an area known as “Midtown." With sophisticated new upgrades, high quality cuisine, craft beers and other beverages, as well as a variety of entertainment options, Midtown Social hopes to become the “go-to” restaurant.

This comprehensive advertising campaign plan was developed using an agency-team approach over a semester. Our team conducted extensive primary and secondary research in order to strategically devise effective advertising goals and tactics for the clients. Emphasis was placed on a range of digital advertising and social media to generate a strong and trustworthy brand awareness. The IMC plan focused on using the authenticity of word of mouth tactics, sales promotions designed to get customers in the doors and sophisticatedly designed advertisements that will create a unique brand identity.

Winner of "Most Strategic"



Many of the Integrated Marketing Communications plan's recommendations focus on developing high-class customer service, an authentic customer experience and a unique brand identity that will build a sustainable customer loyalty. By focusing on strategically integrating innovative advertising, public relations, sales promotion and interactive online/direct marketing tools, our team wanted to design a plan that set Midtown Social apart from its local competitors.


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We positioned Midtown Social as a bar/lounge for students and locals alike and as a much more upscale and classy establishment that is still very affordable. The target audience is primarily 18-25 year olds who live in Gainesville. These locals want fun and classy curated dishes and craft beer, comedy nights, live music and drink specials somewhere new and different. Our tone words were rustic, industrial, and classy. We chose darker color tones of the Florida Gators (blue and orange) accompanied by beige and sepia fileted images.